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Back to East Africa

September 25, 2010

Thirty-five years ago I spent two years as a teacher of statistics and social science methods in Moshi, a bustling trading centre on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Now LATINA has brought me back to East Africa. This time the country is Uganda rather than Tanzania.

Oslo University College has collaborated with libraries and library schools in East Africa and Sudan for several years. Last year, the principal music librarian from Makerere University Library – Agnes Namaganda – attended our 2009 LATINA summer course on e-learning and digital libraries.

This year, three of her colleagues  – Philliam, Irene and Monica (sitting) –  joined the course. They also visited Gjerdrum Public Library, and our home – pictured right.

This September I went to Uganda for two weeks.  Part of the time was used to plan a summer course in Kampala itself in 2011. I also taught at a three day course in e-learning and distance education for ten librarians and library teachers from Southern Sudan.


  • JULAP. Juba University Library Automation Project
  • Tord Høivik home page
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