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Learning goals for LATINA 2011

September 27, 2010

After the course, participants should be able to use the resources available on the open web

  • to retrieve, select and reuse documents, pictures and videos
    • with a basic understanding of copyright issues
    • to produce basic teaching materials, including
      • slide presentations
      • photos (record/edit)
      • digital stories
      • brief videos (record/edit)
  • to communicate effectively with users, students and colleagues through a combination of
    • e-mail (based on gmail)
    • blogs (based on WordPress)
    • cooperative writing tools (Google Docs)
  • to collect and organize resources for teaching and learning in multilingual environments, using
    • Wikipedia (in different languages)
    • Google Translate
    • to conduct short courses covering the topics above
    • to develop and conduct/direct single web-based (or web-supported) learning modules (lasting from a couple of minutes up to an hour), using a variety of teaching and learning formats

After the course, they should also

  • have some basic knowledge of the web: its history, its current situation and future trends
  • have a good understanding of the developing interactions between
    • libraries
    • formal and informal education
    • the web
  • be prepared to support and to work with user-oriented processes of change,
    • in libraries
    • in educational institutions
    • in community organizations
  • be able to adapt the LATINA approach (tools and methods) to local conditions (technical, social) in different couuntries and regions

Draft proposal

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