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Web access in Kampala

October 4, 2010

Makerere University has a good cable-based local area network (LAN).

Links to the LAN – and hence to the web – is available  in many places on campus.  But  the specific conditions seem to differ a bit from place to place.

The MAKLIB web access, which covers our 2011 class room, seems to be rather slow – and slowest in the middle of the day. The Guest House connection seems a bit faster (but not very …). The GH has a couple computers for guests at about USD 1 per hour.  You may also attach the net cable to your own laptop (convenient for up- and downloading)

Some places – including MAKLIB –  have local wireless access to the Makerere network. Password required.

Down the hill, about ten minutes walk from the GH, there are several small internet cafes. Quite OK for text and pictures (blogging), variable for heavier operations (Google Docs, videos).

A few places (restaurants and hotels) have wireless hotspots, where you may buy time through your phone operator.

Several staff members access the mobile web through plug-in modems from phone operators. Rather slow (we were not able to open Google Docs). See  Orange mobile web access as an eample. Fairly expensive if you need volume (several GBs a month).


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