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Librarians meet in Ouagadougou

October 14, 2010

At the AHILA 12 Congress  Maria Musoke – head of the Makerere University Library – spoke about LATINA.

This presentation, to librarians in the health sector, took place  yesterday, in Ouagadougou.

– The first session of AHILA 12, on Monday, which I was honoured to chair, highlighted the changing role of librarians/information professionals and the need for information professionals to adopt by acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to remain relevant in the digital world.

My paper during the AHILA 11 congress in Maputo two years ago, equally outlined the changing needs of medical library users and pointed out that the changes have been brought about by the various paradigm shifts in teaching, learning and research, as well as the rapid advances in ICTs. Consequently, there is need for health information professionals to build relevant capacity to meet the changing needs. In my Maputo paper, I recommended practical and academic training of librarians as a key to imparting the necessary knowledge and skills.

During my visit to the University of Oslo, Norway, in April last year (2009), I came across an important Masters course in Digital information and a summer short course, Learning and Teaching in a Digital world (LATINA). The contents of LATINA course were briefly demonstrated to me, and I got convinced that this was a very relevant course for our librarians.

Since then, four Mak librarians and one medical doctor have attended the LATINA course and the fifth librarian is doing the Masters course. The four librarians who have attended the LATINA course have returned to Maklib and, among other things, revised the user education and various aspects of our information literacy sessions. Thanks to the collaboration with our partners at the University of Bergen Library and Oslo University College.

Our partners in Norway have kindly accepted to support the idea of running the LATINA course in Africa for the first time. This is going to make the course more easily accessible and affordable, and the process has a Training of Trainers component to further impart skills to our librarians to be able to run this course in future.

The course will be hosted by Makerere University Library in June/July next year (2011).

When our Norwegian colleagues asked me to identify a professional conference of Librarians taking place in Africa this year, where we can publicise the LATINA course,  the conference that came to my mind first was AHILA (although, as you know, SCECSAL will be held this year in Botswana). This session is, therefore, to raise awareness of the AHILA members about LATINA.

One of the Professors teaching this course is Lars Egeland from Oslo University College, and he is going to demonstrate LATINA  to you.


Maria Musoke (with Aldaberto Tardelli). Picture.

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  1. Agnes Namaganda permalink*
    October 20, 2010 7:17 am

    You’re doing a great job by marketing LATINA.

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