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LATINA in Africa is a project blog for the LATINA 2012

The  project has two main aims:

1. To run a two week course at Makerere University Library (MAKLIB)  in  June 2012

  • for librarians and library teachers (++)
  • working in Uganda, Sudan (South), Kenya and Tanzania  (++)
  • based on the LATINA approach to e-learning and digital libraries

2. To establish a permanent LATINA workshop for digital library development at MAKLIB. Activities will include

  • development of new web-oriented courses for staff development and user education (students, university teachers)
  • delivery of web-oriented courses (on- and off campus)
  • collaborative projects


  • Comments are welcome. We see blogging as a form of conversation.
    • LATINA in Africa is an edited blog.
    • Spam will be deleted.
    • Ordinary rules of civil behavior apply.
  • The blog is edited by Irene Mbawaki (MAKLIB) and Tord Høivik (Oslo University College)


LATINA is a library-based R&D-program located at the Oslo University College Learning Centre (which integratess the academic library and the audio-visual section). The letters stand for Learning And Teaching IN A digital world.

For more information, see


Text written for this blog may be reused freely for non-commercial purposes if you indicate the source. See CC licence for details. The same applies to photos we have taken ourselves.

Normally we use pictures published under a CC license, however – and provide a link to the source.



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