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February 13, 2014

Makerere University Library in partnership with Oslo University College will be conducting the LATINA (Learning and Teaching in a Digital World) course in July 2014.  The course is designed by the LATINA Lab at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science (HiOA). The Lab develops, demonstrates and provides intensive training in teaching and learning methods that are based on the current state of-the-art and emerging trends in user-oriented ICT.

The course starts with introductory readings and assignments. The on-site training takes place at Makerere University Library from 14th -25th July, 2014 in the New Building Extension. The course is a mix of presentations, discussions and hands-on work with computers and audio-visual equipment. A high level of student activity and commitment is required. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops. The application form should be accompanied with a motivation statement.

Please note that strong individual motivation, documented by a personal statement of interest, could replace institutional backing. The two weeks’ training is practice oriented and quite intensive.

Participants are advised to apply for sponsorship from their institutions to cover: Registration fee: $150 for Ugandans and $300 for non-Ugandans, Transport to and from Makerere University, Accommodation and Supper.


Application deadline is 30th  June, 2014.

Please send the application form, and supporting documents by e-mail and copy to .


October 21, 2013

LATINA UGANDA Team is preparing to host participants from Africa to the LATINA training next year 2014 in July. We are working hard to secure funding for the event. Prepare to apply!

LATINA UGANDA – Final Day – Friday 28th June 2013

June 28, 2013

Finally we come to the end of an intensive learning event. LATINA UGANDA 2013 has been a success according to the participants evaluation. A lot of hard work  and teamwork were involved.

The projects presented yesterday were exciting and one can say that skills gained have been tested. We believe that these skills will be polished further and put to good use by participants in their respective institutions.

To the LATINA UGANDA Team, thank you for the job well done! Participants, you have been active, hardworking and enthusiastic! Thank you for participating in this year’s course.

To our partners at Oslo University College, LATINA Lab: We are greatly indebted to you for all the support.

Lastly, to Makerere University Library Management for the continued support and guidance.

LATINA UGANDA – Day Nine – Thursday 27th June 2013

June 27, 2013

Today, is a new day for the LATINA class. Participants are putting final touches to their projects. Presentations begin today and some participants look exhausted but still smiling because they are enjoying the project activities.

As earlier mentioned, participants are using the skills attained to accomplish Group projects. One group almost got a heart attack when they experienced power failure yet they had not saved the changes to their project. By the way power failure is a common phenomenon in Uganda so keep saving your work.

LATINA UGANDA – Day Eight- Wednesday 26th June 2013

June 26, 2013

Group work in progress and participants are working hard to meet deadlines. LATINA emphasizes group work as a form of cooperative learning to enable participants to develop communication, collaborative skills and critical thinking.

Each group has been assigned facilitators to provide guidance as need arises. Participants seem happy so far! So what does the future hold for librarians with such digital skills?

LATINA UGANDA – Day Seven – Tuesday 25th June 2013

June 25, 2013

Participants are currently busy working on their projects to be presented on Thursday. This is intensive and requires commitment and hard work. The project ideas this year are geared towards solving experienced in certain libraries in Uganda.

The products can be used in various settings and we hope for the best!

LATINA UGANDA – Day Six – Monday 24th June 2013

June 24, 2013

Today we shall begin planning for group work  but first we have to introduce the concept- Co-production.  This idea is about individuals, communities and organisations having the skills, knowledge and ability to work together, create opportunities and solve problems.

Participants need to learn group dynamics since we are training Information Managers. The nature of our work is User-centered so the products we design should be able to meet the ever changing information needs of our users.

Library Users should always be involved in the product design since they are the consumers. So, how do you deal with people from different backgrounds? We are yet to explore, just keep following LATINA UGANDA as events unfold.