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LATINA UGANDA. Makerere University Library

17th – 28th June


LATINA AFRICA. Makerere University Library





Project blog for LATINA 2011

Three versions in Kampala

October 2, 2010
by plinius

It was easier in the past.

You studied – or wrote – the book. And that was it. Gutenberg ruled OK.

LATINA 2008: Participants from Sudan and China.

Now Gutenberg shares the stage with Gates and Google. The teaching materials I am preparing for the EdLib workshop in Kampala on October 1-3 exist in three parallell versions: one for the web, one for a folder or memory stick – and one for the world of paper.

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Learning goals for LATINA 2011

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  1. KIFUKO RICHARD permalink
    January 15, 2011 9:28 pm

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