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This page gives a brief outline of the history of the project – and also a possible scenario for the future.

In 2009 and 2010 Bergen University Library provided scholarships for four librarians from Makerere University Library to attend the LATINA summer course in Oslo. The participants were

  • Agnes Namaganda (2009)
  • Adoma Philliam (2010)
  • Monica Naluwooza (2010)
  • Irene Mbawaki (2010)

In August 2010 Helge Høivik and Tord Høivik from LATINA/lab met with Maria Musoke (Makerere) and Ane Landøy (Bergen) at the IFLA conference in Gothenburg. They agreed on a framework for further collaboration.  In the autumn

  • Tord Høivik went to Makerere in September/October
    • to facilitate a three day workshop on e-learning for librarians and library teachers from Southern Sudan and Makerere
    • to plan a summer course in Kampala
  • Lars Egeland went to Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) for the 12th Congress of the Association for Health Information and Libraries, October 11-16
    • to present LATINA 2011 to participants at the conference

In March 2011, we had to postpone the course because of practical problems. In August 2011, Maria Musoke and Tord Høivik had a brief meeting at the IFLA Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There we decided to aim for 2012 instead. In early November, after additional meetings and consultations, we concluded that

  • Tord Høivik and Lars Egeland would go to Makerere in June to conduct LATINA 2012 in collaboration with staff from Makerere University Library. Two trainees from Oslo would also participate as instructors.

Updated November 7, 2011


LATINA 2011: Draft calendar [not valid]

The years ahead

If we get funding, we would like to aim at a four year project (2010-2013) to establish a self-sustaining, library based, e-learning unit at MAKLIB.

  • In 2011 the summer course will be directed by trainers from Norway, with former LATINA participants as assistant trainers (instructors)
  • In 2012 the course may be directed by a joint team headed by a trainer from Uganda
  • In 2013 the course may be planned and conducted by a team from Uganda, with limited Norwegian support

Trainee periods in Norway and additional shorter courses in Uganda (with national trainers) – could also be included.



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